Repost: Fairfax County (Virginia) Office for Women & Domestic Violence Services

This is a great new collaboration that I am passing from the DVAC and as posted on the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance newsletter.   Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocacy Agency Spotlight: Fairfax County Office for Women & Domestic and Sexual Violence Services DVAC: A One-Stop Shop for Victims of Domestic Violence and

The V Word: Partner Violence in Lesbian Relationships

Welcome to today’s edition of The V Word. A twitter follower asked that I talk about domestic violence between gay couples. She is a survivor and feels there is no enough information about interpersonal violence between same-sex couples. She writes “I came out when I was a young adult, in my early twenties. My

Support funding for Sexual and Domestic Violence to be increased in Virginia budget

The Virginia House and Senate have come back to Richmond to finalize the state budget.  They are dealing with a shortfall and additional cuts to the budget.  Help me make sure that funding for sexual and domestic violence remains a priority. Below is a list of Senate Finance and House Appropriations members – call/email to

the V word: Corrective Rape

Welcome to today’s edition of The V Word. The other day someone was asking me about all the different ways we describe rape and why is it necessary. “Corrective Rape” was one of the terms brought up. What is it and how is it different from “Rape”. Really what the person was asking is

The V Word: Violence Against Transgender   Welcome to today’s edition of The V Word. I am sure all you have heard about the assault on two transgender women on a train. They were harassed, beaten and one was stripped. People watched … laughed…cheer… and … no one intervened. If a heterosexual and cis-gendered woman was stripped naked probably people