The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance is hosting a Fundraising Gala: Act / Honor / Hope on December 5th.

We will have a program booklet and are soliciting ads. One of our ads will be a page reflecting the attitude and fact that men can stop violence. As advocates in the field or advocates for the women in your lives, you know that we need to disrupt the cultural patterns that promote violence, dominance and abuse of women. We live in a world where men have been taught they have power over women. This is certainly not beneficial to women but also, men can live as happier and more fulfilled human beings by challenging the old-fashioned rules of masculinity that embody the assumption of male superiority.

In this vain, we are asking men to sign a pledge that simply says, “we are men who pledge not to commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women.” This will appear in our program booklet looking similarly like the attached poster. If you are willing to put your name on this statement, please email me to say that you agree.

There is no fee for this, but if you are so inclined to send in a donation, you may donate online at , on left menu click on “make a contribution”; in the “gift information” write in “men can stop violence.”

You may also send a check to VSDVAA, 5008 Monument Ave, Richmond, VA, 23230. Indicate in the memo line “men can stop violence.

Please forward this to other men in your lives.

Any questions, please contact Chris Morin at the Action Alliance office at 804-377-0335.