I missed forensic nurse examiners week.  I didn’t even realize they had a week to recognize their work.   My apologies to FNE’s everywhere!  I respect what you do, work with great nurses at the Mary Washington Hospital Forensic Nurses program, and know that your efforts to help victims of assault is meaningful. 

I feel that forensic nurses (FNEs), previously known as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs), are crucial to the process of collecting evidence in rape cases. These specialized nurses undergo specfic and arduous training in how to collect DNA and other evidence from a rape victim.  This can be both additionally traumatic for the rape victim as well as stressful for the nurse to navigate collecting evidence from a traumatized person.  A forensic nurses job is crucial to a successful prosecution.  They participate in collecting and documenting all evidence, from torn clothing to hairs or debris; photographing external injuries; taking blood to check for pregnancy or STIs; and collecting traces of DNA. Forensic nurses often participate as expert witnesses if the case goes to trial.

After working with nurses through the Forensic Program at Mary Washington Hospital for the last three years, I have come to appreciate the work they do to help victims of crime. 

So my very late kudo’s to the Forensic Nurses at Mary Washington Hospital and to forensic nurses everywhere.