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Last night we had two rape cases reported and two victims in the Emergency Room. Through the progress we have made with law enforcement and medical personnel, these victims can feel more comfortable reporting, getting evidence collected, and prosecuting. Those things are not enough. Victims need the support of a hotline, clothing to wear home from the hospital, crisis support from trained crisis advocates, and counseling.

It costs $376 to provide services to one victim for crisis emergency response. It costs $150 to provide legal advocacy for one victim. And it costs over $1200 to provide trauma counseling services and support for victims for 8 weeks.

As more victims report and seek services, we need to be able to have services available for them.

Donate today to help us serve victims of violence and consider adding to that donation a few dollars more to help us provide prevention so we may have fewer victims.

Thank you for your support as we work together to end violence.
Carol Olson,
Executive Director

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