Wednesday, March 30, 2011 – Friday, April 1, 2011

Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services


The Department of Criminal Justice Services, in collaboration with the International Association of College Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) and the Virginia Association of College Law Enforcement Administrators (VACLEA), is hosting a National Forum on Campus Sexual Assault. This forum is designed to bring together experts in the field of campus sexual assault to discuss the latest research, policies, legal challenges, interdisciplinary cooperation, and reporting issues.

This forum has been structured to encourage a cross disciplinary approach to this complex campus and community public health issue. Leading national experts will discuss critical issues that impact the policies and procedures that must be in place for the proper management and investigation of sexual assaults reported to colleges and universities. Facilitated question and answer sessions will allow for participant interaction with panels of subject matter experts.

Attendees will have significant opportunities to share expertise and resources with colleagues from across the country. Suggested participants include: campus police and security personnel, municipal law enforcement with a connection to institutions of higher education, student life professionals, counseling and women’s center professionals, prosecutors, mental health professionals and other interested campus or community personnel.

Scheduled topics include:

Campus Law Enforcement/Public Safety Response and Legal Issues Surrounding Campus Sexual Assault/Clery Act

Sex Crimes Allegations: Management and Best Practices in the University Setting

Policy Implications of Campus Sexual Assault Practices

Sexual Predators on Campus: Research Studies and Statistics

Evolving Challenges for At-Risk Response Teams: Mental Health Issues

Campus Threat Assessment Teams

Other topics and panel discussions: 

  • Communication Issues and Cross Disciplinary Coordination
  • Deviant Criminal Sexuality: Rapist Typologies
  • Resiliency and Recovery from Trauma
  • Networking Between Institutions of Higher Education and Community Agencies
  • Interdisciplinary Cooperation on Campus: What Works?

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Additional Information

Melissa Leigh – 804-786-8467

Steve Clark – 434-947-2938

Donna Michaelis – 804-371-6506

Lynn McHugh – 804-225-2454