The World Bank is doing something interesting… they are organizing the first Hackathon Against Domestic Violence.  A hackathon is a collaborative process to come up with technology solutions to address critical issues.  Hackathons are a new interaction to address social problems.  The Hackathon Against Domestic Violence is th efirst such effort in the region.

World Bank Group’s Hackathon Against Domestic Violence takes place on Saturday, January 26 at 10 am in the I Building, room I2-220.

Simultaneous events will be taking place in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

They have brought together a large number of stakeholders interested in the issue. An important part of the process has been to identify “problem definitions” to be worked on at the actual hackathon on January 26-27 (see here for more details). Problem identification workshops were held in all six Central American countries.

There are a number of institutions (Telefonica, Banco de Costa Rica, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, etc.) that are contributing logistically to the events in Central America and have also expressed interest in supporting financially the development phase of possible applications that may come up as a result of the hackathon.

Some examples on how technology could help solve Domestic Violence problems include:

* A web and mobile application for domestic violence shelters to help coordinate the availability of space and beds for victims.
* An application or website to help healthcare workers identify signs of domestic violence and refer victims appropriately.
* A SMS application allowing police and service providers to map reports of domestic violence submitted by text message, and thereby identify areas of high need for services and support.,
* An application that allows victims to send a silent text message to a predetermined contact, letting someone know that they are in danger.

Anyone can register and attend for a few hours or both days.

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Questions?  Contact

Elizabeth E. Legrain
Domestic Abuse Prevention Coordinator
HRS Corporate Operations
The World Bank Group

(See attached file: DV Hackathon Intro PPT.pdf)(See attached file: DV Hackathon Brochure English.docx)>