One Billion Rising events are just the beginning.  Keep the momentum going and continue your activism to create the change we want.

VAWA has passed the Senate and now it needs to pass the House.  Help us get is passed, join V-DAY’s plan to get VAWA passed by International Women’s Day on March 8th.  Why is VAWA so important? LEARN more

Want to get started?  It’s simple – click this link (made easy by Feminist Majority), put in your zip code and find out who you need to contact in your area to ask that VAWA be passed.

The National Network to End Domestic Violence updates a list of current supporters in Congress here – Thank them for their support of this important initiative and outreach those who have not yet decided to stand up for survivors and put their vote to VAWA.

V-DAY has some great suggestions to keep the momentum going, see the repost below:

THIS Week:
Organize an event in your communities! Your representatives are currently at home and they need to see the support and feel the pressure of their constituents. You can do this event anywhere and the event can be anything:

  • You’ve already got your dancing shoes on so hold a RISE for VAWA flash mob!
  • Hold a rally in a public space (town square, local mall, town hall etc) and invite local activists to speak about the importance of VAWA and ending violence against women and girls
  • Protest outside of government offices and buildings
  • Hold a concert, open mic night, theatrical production, etc to support VAWA and those working to get it passed

Any of these options and more will help highlight the support for VAWA in your community.

NEXT Week:

Starting on Monday February 25th, your representatives will be back in Washington D.C. We are urging you ALL to flood their telephone lines and email inboxes with messages of support for VAWA. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

DOWNLOAD the RISE for VAWA Poster >

Don’t forget to invite the press! The more support our representatives see for VAWA the greater the chance for success!! Check out our One Billion Rising Media Tips >