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This past year we have talked alot about sexual assault on college campuses, the prevalence, the inability of schools to better protect students, support those who have been assualted and downright misrepresentation of facts. Many states are trying to put into place laws and regulations to help students and schools address campus sexual assault.

One nonprofit: Sexual Health Innovations, has created a new program for use by higher education institutions. This new reporting program is called Callisto and it is designed to allow victims to file reports of sexual assault, harassment and interpersonal violence online. The victim has options, choosing to have the perpetrator reported, to have other victims of the same perpetrator notified and have all records time stamped. The records are private, for use by the victim when they want to further their case.

Multiple studies from colleges, rape crisis centers, and state criminal justice programs show that between 20 percent and 25 percent of women experience sexual assault by the time they graduate from college, but few report it. Of those, according to state records and the Department of Justice, less than 5 percent of reported rapes in college get reported to the criminal justice system. Fewer still are reports of other types of sexual assault.

Are you on a college campus? Check out Callisto and help improve reporting for college campus students. You can help on the state level as well, join your local coalition that supports both rape crisis centers and college campus programs. Here in Virginia, we have the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. They worked with survivors from University of Virginia and Representatives to change legislation to improve response, support services, and reporting of rape on college campuses. As a student or college employee, you can join the Campus Sexual Assault Taskforce, host a bystander intervention program like the Red Flag Campaign, or donate to support the work.