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Advocating to end sexual and domestic violence



The V Word: #metoo with Terra Jones Steel of The James House

Today Terra Jones Steel,  Terra Jones Steel, child advocate of The James House, talks about her work as an advocate for children and adolescents who are survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence.


The James House


The V Word: #metoo with Kimberly Strothers

Today local volunteer and journalism student joins Carol to talk about the #metoo campaign and share her thoughts on it’s importance for family members and allies.

The V Word at the Women’s Convention with Rose McGowan and #metoo

Today we hear Rose McGowan continue her call out of sexual assault in media, her call to women for action, and her joining the #metoo campaign.

The V Word at the Women’s Convention – #Metoo with Rose McGowan

We attended the Women’s Convention in Detriot and got to hear Rose McGowan talk about #metoo and her call to action to make change in Hollywood.

You can hear the first part of her speech to the hundreds of attendees.

The V Word at the Women’s Convention – Athena Soules #metoo

Athena Soules – light artist and activist – joined me in talking about the #metoo campaign and how her art is supporting the cause.

The V Word at the Women’s Convention – Tarana Burke – #metoo

We attended the Women’s Convention to hear Tarana Burke speak about launching the #metoo campaign for Black girls to be heard and how it has gone viral as women began speaking out everywhere sharing their #metoo stories.

The V Word: #metoo

The hashtag #metoo has gone viral, from it’s initial launching by Tarana Burke in 2007 and reinvigorated by Hollywood actors 10 years later. The instant connection of the internet and ability to pull in large groups of people from anywhere is helping the campaign expand and beyond it’s original purpose focused on Black women and girls.

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