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The V Word: Violence Against Native American: Historical Violence (Part II)

Today Carol continues her show on sexual and domestic violence in the Native American communities.

You can listen to the show here:


WRIR 97.3 FM

Futures without Violence

Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance

Statewide Hotline:

phone: 1-800-838-8238        Chat      Text: 804-793-9999

The V Word: Violence Against Native American Women, Part I

Today’s show is in honor of Amy Goodman and in support of journalistic integrity and freedom of speech.

Today Carol talks about sexual and domestic violence against Native American and Native Alaskan women. You can listen to part 1 here:


WRIR 97.3 FM 

Futures Without Violence

Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance 

Statewide Hotline:

Phone: 1-800-838-8238    Chat   Text: 804-793-9999

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