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Advocating to end sexual and domestic violence



The V Word: #metoo with Kimberly Strothers

Today local volunteer and journalism student joins Carol to talk about the #metoo campaign and share her thoughts on it’s importance for family members and allies.

The V Word – Technology and Child Abuse

On todays’ show, we discuss predation on children through technology – using chat rooms and the internet. We discuss some surprising findings that make addressing child abuse and adults who prey on children more concerning.

The V Word: #metoo

The hashtag #metoo has gone viral, from it’s initial launching by Tarana Burke in 2007 and reinvigorated by Hollywood actors 10 years later. The instant connection of the internet and ability to pull in large groups of people from anywhere is helping the campaign expand and beyond it’s original purpose focused on Black women and girls.

The V Word: Regional Hospital Accompaniment Program (R-HART)

On today’s show, the YWCA stops by to update us on the Regional Hospital Accompaniment Program for Sexual Assault.

Hospital Accompaniment (R-HART)

The Regional Hospital Accompaniment & Response Team, or R-HART, is an entirely volunteer-based collaborative of advocates who provide support to individuals in the emergency room who have just experienced sexual and intimate partner violence.

The R-HART team of volunteers are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year. This team is a collaborative of volunteers from the YWCA Richmond, Safe Harbor and Hanover Safe Place, and serves survivors of all races, sexes, religions, nationalities, gender identities, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition to providing emotional support, R-HART volunteers connect survivors with community resources and follow-up services.

YWCA of Richmond



The V Word: Domestic Violence and LGBTQ

Today’s show focuses on domestic violence in relationships with those who identify as LGBTQ.


Virginia Anti-Violence Project

The V Word; Leilah Saadeh

On today’s V Word, local art therapist, Leilah Saadeh joins us to talk about art therapy with children and adolescents who are dually diagnosed with trauma and mental illness.

The V Word: Nationz with Zakia McKenzie #trans #rva #nationz

On today’s show, we revisit Zakia McKenzie to hear about Nationz, an outreach service for trans-identified folks in the greater Richmond area. Zakia joins Carol to talk about starting this much needed service and what she offers the trans community.

Voices from the Women’s March: Trey Hart and Jon Davidow

Today, Trey Hart and Jon Davidow stop by the studio to talk about supporting women’s issues and human rights at the Women’s march with an intersectional lens.


Prevention in Schools

Today’s show is focused on sexual abuse and assault prevention education taught in schools. Highlighting a unique program in New York in which students mapped the school to assess safety. Today’s show is a nod to the power of sexual assault prevention education Senate Bill 828 in the Virginia Legislature.



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