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November 2016

The V Word: Tracy Wilson of Positive No

Tracy Wilson of Positive No talks about her song “Reinvent the Space” and it’s response to violence against women. Today’s show is an excerpt from an upcoming Community Conversations on Recovery show on music and art in the healing process.


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Positive No

Statewide Hotline  800-838-8238

YWCA Richmond

The V Word – Laws in Virginia on Bullying, Assault, other interpersonal crimes

Today I review laws in Virginia regarding cyber bullying, assault, and threats. In our current climate with a new administration that is excusing sexual assault, saying that privileged men get to grab women by the p*ssy and get away with it and engage in cyber bullying, it’s time to review what laws are there to protect us.

You can listen to the show here:


WRIR 97.3 FM 

YWCA of Richmond 

Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance 


The V Word: Emily Doe and Campus Sexual Assault

Today’s show talks about campus sexual assault and the recent recognition of Emily Doe as Woman of 2016 by Glamour magazine, her impact on laws in California and her contribution to the national conversation on sexual assault in the United States.

You can listen to the show here:


WRIR 97.3 FM 

Statewide Hotline (Action Alliance) 

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