Repost for the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance

Hey folks ~

Wanted to share – and invite you to participate in – some unique violence prevention fundraising work we’ve been doing here in Virginia.

QUICK BACKGROUND: The Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance decided to create a special fund to provide greater resources for local primary prevention projects. It seems like the grant funding keeps shrinking, and private foundations tend to not fund prevention since it’s seen as “less tangible,” so it made sense to establish their own fund to supplement those resources. To raise money for the fund, we’re using something we have here in Virginia called “special interest license plates.” People can buy plates for their cars designed by a non-profit. A sizable portion of the proceeds then go back to the sponsoring organization. It’s great because most people just renew their plates every year, so you have a yearly influx of general funds.

THE CURRENT SITUATION: We designed a license plate which was approved by our membership and by the Virginia DMV. Now we just need to sell 450 pre-orders to “activate” the plate (that is, get the state to sign-off on its production and start making them). We start seeing income after the first 1,000 are sold. To register for the plate you have to: 1) Live in Virginia, and 2) Fill-out an application and pay the $25 fee ($35 if you want a “vanity” plate).

WHAT WE ARE DOING: To facilitate this plate ordering process we’ve created a very focused microsite ( just for that purpose. To “hook” people in the general public sympathetic to our cause, we’ve been creating a series of very short (less than 1 minute) videos featuring kids describing healthy relationships, and we’re “seeding” them on sites and blogs that seem relevant. The idea is that the videos will draw people in, funnel them to the microsite, and (hopefully) provide enough emotional momentum that they’ll fill out the application and send in their payment. Or they can just donate if they don’t want a plate.

The first video is here:

Please use the marketing videos by distributing them to your social networks to spread the word in your community!

The other 2 videos we’ve made so far should appear as recommended on the side bar or you can access them here: . PLEASE SHARE ANY OF THESE VIDEOS on your social media outlets, and anywhere else you deem appropriate. Also, feel free to shoot any questions to me about the strategy or execution behind this. Thanks for your help with this effort!

Jonathan Yglesias

Jonathan Yglesias, MS
Prevention Projects Coordinator
Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance
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